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Why this Blog?

When I retired from the Army in 1994, I didn't know to file a NOD when my first claim came back at 20%. I'm presently at 80% with an appeal pending for IU which I expect to win. Iam also on SSDI which I was awarded on the first try. I filed for it myself.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I've learned that the only way to go about filing a claim is to do it yourself. My friend and mentor, Jim Strickland, taught me that no one cares about my claim as much as I do. He's right, you know. In this blog you will read about my journey. Follow along. You will learn a lot here. What I don't know I haven't learned yet. Stick around. We'll learn together.


  1. I am new to following this blog. I have both PTSD and MST, both documented, but the VA will only allow one mental health issue to be claimed, which makes as much sense as if I lost both arms, just because they are both arms, would I only get rated for one arm, not both? I have waited 26 years, yes twenty six YEARS to make my home handicap accessible. I have had to buy my own service dog, my own power chairs, even though I am 100% service connected, permanent and total and IU. I probably have the worst VA local system, Montgomery, Alabama. I was approved to have home maker and home health services, but they haven't showed up either. I take showers on the back patio, since it is Winter, I am pretty stinky, because it has been almost two months since I could shower with my frozen hose. I have working kitchen, some scam group called Wounded Warrior Foundation, came to my home to make the kitchen h/c adapted, but when they found out that I served prior to 9/11, they packed up and left. But not before they took apart my kitchen last June and never put it back together. So, while I wash me, I do the dishes too. If this is the life I have to live, I can see why so many veterans just give up and check themselves out with suicide. It is only my service dog who keeps me from going off the deep end. He is the only reason I get out of bed to get into a wheelchair each day. I don't know what to do next. I hope this gets some exposure to the problems. Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. I'm glad you found me. I'd like to help you. I need to know more facts about your case with the "Wounded Warrior Foundation". I googled them and several different organizations come up. Do you have signed contracts, before and after pictures, etc? If so, scan them and email them to me at

    You've been approved for home health services and no one has shown up. Call your VA Social Worker. If you get no response, call the Patient Advocate. If that gets you nowhere, contact the Hospital Director. Keep names, dates, times of everyone you speak with. Write letters if you have to. Send them certified with a return receipt requested.

    You can apply to the VA for benefits for your service dog. Your VA Social Worker can assist you with that. There is one caveat. If your dog is for PTSD, the VA will not approve benefits. Not yet. No, the VA does not supply us with service dogs. It's a shame. I'd rather have my service dog at my side than my drugs, my cane, my power scooter, etc. The VHA denied me the benefit of a power scooter but VA Vocational Rehab bought one for me. Funny how one side of the VA will over-rule the other.

    Please. Please. Please. Contact me as soon as you can. Add me as a Facebook friend. or email me at or I really would like to look into this further for you. I really want to assist you.


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