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Basic Training
Promotion to SSG (E-6)
Born and raised in Chicago, I joined the Army in 1976 two weeks after high school graduation. I retired in 1994 as an E6 with full benefits due to the downsizing in the mid-90's. Thank you President Bill Clinton. This blog is what happened to me after I retired. I post about the VA system, MST, service dogs, LGBT issues, DADT and more. This isn't a VA bashing site. I recognize that VA employees (most of them) work hard and want to do right by us. Follow me. Perhaps you will learn something that will help you. That is my goal. To teach and to share. I am in the process of becoming a Veteran's Advocate. I've enrolled myself in the NVLSP Course. For all intents and purposes, that's just a piece of paper but in some circles, that piece of paper goes a long way. Becoming an "Advocate" is an evolving process in my humble opinion. Each day is a learning process. If you remain stagnant, how can you help others? Feel free to email me or leave comments. That's the only way I will know what you like, don't like, feel, think, etc. Thanks to all for your service. Each of you have my deepest gratitude. To the spouses and family members who love us Veterans, my thanks to you too.


  1. I went through basic at Ft. Leonard Wood in 1972, a couple of weeks after HS graduation.

    Back in the days of OD Green fatigues :)

    Anyway, thank you for your service.

    Take care.

    1. Lol, I am both and Army and Navy Vet. I went to Chemical School in Fort Leonard Wood. That is awesome, I was there in 2000. That place turned me on to Waffle House.

  2. Hi Blue,

    Thanks for your comments. I loved Ft Leonard Wood. I spent two years there from October 1979 until December 1981. I worked in the Adjutant's Office in the Hospital. The area outside of Ft Wood was so beautiful. I met some terrific people while I was stationed there whom I'm still friends with and consider part of my extended family.

  3. Thank you for your service. Please help those who need need from an advocate. Would you believe that the VA rates a veterans injuries as other than combat related although he was hit by concussion three times. Once by Artillery Shell, once by concussion grenade and another time by a concussion mine. This person has a purple heart with oak leaf cluster (korea)

  4. Hello "anonymous",

    I believe almost anything that comes out of the VA. I've seen stranger things than what you described above. I'd be glad to help but unless I see the decision letter, there is little I can do to assist. If you'd like my help, feel free to scan the decision letter and email it to me at

    Happy holidays!

  5. Hello. I see my letters but there is no option to download or print?!?!?!?!

  6. Hello Anonymous,

    What are you talking about? Please explain your comment further so that I can attempt to assist you.

    Wendi Goodman
    THE One Weary Soldier


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