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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The New VA WatchdogTODAY dot Org. It's up and running.

It's for real folks, VA Watchdog dot Org is back!  I announced here that Larry Scott had given away his beloved and wildly successful VA Watchdog dot Org website. We all wondered who would be the lucky recipient.  We now know that it's the inimitable Jim Strickland.  If you ask me, and since you're reading my blog, it's a safe bet you're asking me, Larry couldn't have made a better choice.  Jim and Larry have been working together for many years.  Jim posted regularly to the original VA Watchdog Dot Org.  Not only did he post his mailbag there, we've all read  his "how to" guide, expose's and many investigative articles you won't find anywhere else on the internet or print media.  

The new site is called VA WatchdogTODAY. It has a new URL which is so be sure to change your bookmarks.  Jim has done this for technical and legal reasons.  The new site is hosted by GoDaddy.  I know several people who have hosted with GoDaddy and from what I hear it's an easy format to use.  

If you haven't checked out the new site, you should do that as soon as you finish reading this blog.  Please finish this blog.  I've got lots of good stuff to tell you about the new website.  Insider stuff you won't read anywhere else.  Is that enough to keep you here?    Jim has spent hours upon hours working on it.  It's still a work in progress so keep that in mind.  One of my favorite things about the new site is how interactive Jim has made it.  Check out the "comment" links.  They will take you directly to our "Straight Talk for Veterans" forum.  Feel free to tell us what you think of anything that's posted on the new Watchdog site, or as I like to call it, the "TODAY" site, (just to differentiate it from the old site).  Give us your comments and criticisms on stories we've published, the format, things you'd like to see, suggestions on how to improve it, etc. If you find a link that isn't working, let us know that, too, so we can get it fixed.  One thing I will ask is that you keep it clean.  We have all ages and sexes, from young folks to grandparents reading your postings.  Curse words are strictly forbidden.  If the filter doesn't get you, the moderators will.  Remember, the Mods rule.

I'm excited to have WatchdogTODAY as a new yet old resource back as I'm sure most of you are.  Yes, in the interim we had Jim Strickland's A to Z Guide and that filled the void nicely.  Thank you, Jim, for all the hard work you put into that.  We really appreciate all the work you've done for all of us Veterans out here in internet land and the rest of the world.  The A to Z Guide is being morphed into the TODAY site so look for all that material to be moved soon. Eventually, the A to Z Guide will just fade away when all of the material is moved to the new TODAY site.  

I have it on good authority that Jim is crazy busy these days.  Lord only knows how many hours he's spending getting TODAY up and running.  He's added a "Blog" page to the new site which is definitely worth your time.  That's where he will be listing his updates.  In today's update he says, and I quote:  "Do you have a question about benefits?  You may write to me or you may post at the Straight Talk Forum.  You're likely to get a quicker answer at Straight Talk."   I suspect Jim wrote that in the blog because of how busy he is putting together the TODAY website.  Jim does check in at Straight Talk.  I'm on Straight Talk daily ready to tackle all your questions about claims and benefits.  All you have to do it register to post your questions.  The whole process takes less than five minutes.  We have a wonderful, educated, expert panel at Straight TalkYou can always email me directly. too.   If I don't know the answer, I'll point you in the right direction where you can research it yourself.  I can get that far.  :-)

That's the latest, folks. If you'd like to comment on this particular blog, CLICK HERE.

Until the next time, my friends .....

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