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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Federal Law Prohibits Landlords from Evicting Disabled Tenants : Veterans Today

Federal Law Prohibits Landlords from Evicting Disabled Tenants : Veterans Today

Federal Law Prohibits Landlords from Evicting Disabled Tenants

May 12, 2010 posted by Terry Richards ·

Disability Eviction Laws

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE of Federal and “Case Law” not known to the average person which prevents eviction of “Disabled-Tenants” who request “reasonable accommodation” in eviction when their Landlord is evicting them because of their “Disability.” This rule of law applies to all Disabilities whether Physical or Mental such as Major Depressive Disorder (Depression, Bi-Polar), PTSD, and Anxiety Disorder, etc.Of course the Tenant’s rent must be up-to-date, or if not up-to-date Lawfully Withheld from the Landlord for the Landlord’s failure to comply with Local or State Housing Codes such as not repairing or providing heat, or not repairing broken doors and plumbing for example. Read the Landlord’s Obligations under the Landlord and Tenant Act in Your home State.

This Federal or Case Law applies to both Private and Public Housing providers. However, it may not apply to Housing Providers with less than 5 Units such as someone renting you a room in their home or when you rent an apartment in a duplex or triplex.

Disabled Veterans who cannot afford an Attorney should contact their nearest Legal Aid Office or other Non-Profit Legal Organizations in their area for Free Legal Advice and Representation in Court, and to file in Federal or State Court for a Court Order temporarily or permanently stopping the eviction.
To read about these Federal and Case Laws go to:

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  1. Ya this shit is now happening to me and check this...... my rent has gone up $100 every 11 months for 5 years. WTF?!?!? my landlord is a muzzie, as are the 30+ tenants here. I have caught a female towlie taking my laundry out of the dryer, placing her laundry in to dry on my dime and then after an hour I for some reason find my clothes in the dryer wet. More recently a family of towlies that live here took me down for 7 pairs of high quality socks.

    I caught one of the junior towlies trying to siphon gas out of my car.

    Right about now would be a god time for Swift and proper justice to be served, you know something like the equal and fair distribution of the .45 cent cure. Would be my pleasure.

    What's the new rule? Something like, "Love thy neighbor, just don't get caught"? I mean really, is anything sacred anymore?

    I'm headed for the hills, fuck the city, fuck diversity.


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